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VOICE OF TRUTH - What if there were two Hawai`i's instead of one? Not just one that led to the present day Hawai`i, but also an ancient and completely different society before that. What was it like? Dr. Elithe Manuha`aipo Kahn tells us the spellbinding story of that long ago ancient place, its powers to heal and how she uses them in healing our nation today.

Haaaa Breathe!
Hawaiian Food for the Soul

This CD offers ancient chants (Oli) that not only uplift the spirit, but vibrate and energize the internal organs, strengthen the Immune system, and open the intuitive center (Makaloa) the “Third Eye.”
Kanaka Maoli were fully aware that chanting and toning open-ended vowels was the  key to good health and longevity.  They also knew chanting with proper intent opened up the gateway the (Puka) to commune with the Eternal Parent:  (au Makua mauloa) God by all names and no name at all. Speaking to the Divine starts with inhaling a thought then, exhaling the intent by chanting. These delicious little ‘O”ono chants are tender melodic morsels. They are truly
Hawaiian Food for the Soul.

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If Feet Could Talk


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Lomi Wawae Foot Therapy
Traditional Hawaiian Massage

Not all Lomi Lomi are alike.  They differ from island to island,district to district, from Kumu (teacher), to Kumu and Ohana, (family) to Ohana.  The style offered at Zen Care is Lomi Wawae . It is deep tissue massage done with the thumbs, knuckles, and fingers.  It's intent is to realign, loosen and relax the joints and tendons of the feet.  More importantly there is the deep emphasis and intent to relax the internal organs by releasing foot blockages. The Wāwae (feet) are the junction box for the entire nervous system. One of the main features is the art of Oli "bringing down,"calling through chanting the warm and healing "Mana" from the heavens allowing it to settle into the client during the closing session. This phenomena is not imagined but actually felt by the vast majority of clients. This marvel alone elevates Lomi Wāwae above all other foot therapies. 

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He  olelo No'eau,
There is a Saying'

Aia ke ola I k waha; Aia ka make I ka waha.
Life is in the mouth, Death is in the mouth.

Thought and breath create reality. Be mindful of what you think and breathe out into the universe for it affects all life, including your own. The dynamics of HĀ breathwork teach proper breathing and pono, proper intent. HĀ breathwork is a rekindling of an ancient health practice that calms the mind and soothes the soul.

There are three traditional Hawaiian breaths forms.

  • Noho Pū, passive meditative contemplation, opens the pathway to Hō‘ike, enlightenment.
  • ‘A‘ala HĀ, active meditative contemplation, uses repetitive o‘ono, chants to manifest personal desires and enhance health through revitalizing and toning the internal organs.
  • Ho‘o mana, storing breathwork, is the third form that builds necessary mana, energy, and personal power to overcome life challenges. Wise is the kanaka who stores mana for the future. 

The three forms of breathing and information within these pages offer you a fullness of being. It is yours to grasp mentally, physically, and spiritually.  For a better life HĀ with conscious intent!

Honolulu Star Bulletin article on this technique:


"Hawaiian Magic Unveiled"

The secret Huna practice of magic (Ho’okalakupua) is being given to this generation for the first time since Hawaiian mysticism was outlawed in 1887.

This ancient source of personal communication uses the power within (Mana).  It is simple and uncomplicated. The Mana that flows through us is the gateway (puka), the messenger and receiving center that exist between humanity and the Divine Universe.

Indigenous people (Kanaka Maoli) tap into this flowing force through Ho’olei casting, a natural way of communicating, speaking to, and receiving messages from our Ancestral Parent (au Makua mauloa): “God” to some, the “Great Divine Mystery” to others.

Another esoteric jewel is the knowledge of how to open the “Third Eye” to increase personal intuition.

Now is a time for all things under the sun to be exposed. To be remembered and renewed. The time for this casting system of Ho’olei has come. Special one on one Ho’olei classes can be arranged. 

Living Aloha Living Love

Living Aloha Living Love
Concepts of Kanaka Maoli Spirituality

Mission Statement:
To re-establish and raise native self-esteem by knowing their origins;
To re-unite our nation via the eight rights and ideals;
To globally re-establish the concept of the “Extended Ohana” (family);
To encourage the practice of Aloha Kakou, A’ole Pilikia...Love to all, Trouble Not.

A nation cannot stand without a spiritual system as its foundation.  Kanaka Maoli have been struggling with and against themselves because of successful foreign occupation, and cultural intervention. The original Kanaka Maoli “ONE GOD” spiritual system is buried under two layers of foreign intervention; the Tahitian (Na Ali’i) system and Colonial Missionary intervention.

Separatism, competitive, and materialistic ideals have kept the Kanaka Maoli captive long enough.  We must return to our true self “Oia I‘o,” personal truths.  First, by freeing our spirit through “Living Aloha and Living Love,”and second by practicing the eight rights and eight ideals that once was the Kua iwi, backbone, of our nation.  It is paramount to the survival of our culture and nation to know whom we are and where we come from in order to know where we are going.  This knowledge will help to rebuild the loss and low self-esteem currently plaguing our children and nation.  “Living Aloha and Living Love” is the catalyst, the missing torch that can help to melt the mental chains that hold Kanaka Maoli captive in the throngs of separatism.

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Natal Moon Mapping
Kamali'i i ke   'ole o ka helu Pō
(A child who can not count the moons is Ignorant)

There was and still is a very old custom among lunar societies who looked to and relied on the moon for their survival. In Hawai‘i it is called Holani. When a child was born close attention was paid to the particular year and phase of the moon at the time of birth. This was their personal WEHI moon (Open) known to the public and their HUNA moon (Hidden) known only to family members. This moon provided the child with a personal guardian (aumakua) that would help and guide the child through life. Where the Po'o (Head of Mo'o Inanea) and Huelo (Tail) rested at the time of the birth determined the lifestyle and occupation the child would undertake.  Each child was also provided with a Mākia (motto) to inspire them when hampered by life’s difficulties. This too was provided by the moon through their aumakua. 

By the age of reason a child was expected to know the phases of the moon for life itself depended upon it.  It is no wonder why the phrase “Kamali'i i ke   'ole o ka helu Pō” is also used to describe arrogant ignorant people. Wise is the person who knows and adheres to the path of their specific moon for it leads to personal happiness and success.

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Ha'upu upu
(When Ho'o pono pono Fails)

Olelo No'eau: Proverb
"Ahuwale Ka nane Huna"

(The hidden answer to the riddle is seen)
Ha'upu upu  is the spiritual healing art of forgiveness. It extracts and helps to heal deeply hidden personal trauma that Ho'o pono pono cannot reach. Ho'o pono pono is more frequently used to resolve conflicts and light emotional issues on the surface and conscious level. Where as Ha' upu upu delves deeper into the subconscious intuitive level of the mind to address deeply seeded and often hidden emotional pain and entanglements that cannot be weeded out consciously.  During this healing process the ‘eha,(emotional pain) is gently cut away (Oki) using ancient rites and Aloha Breath to complete the process. Ha' upu upu defined by modern society as Auto-suggestion it predates Hypnosis by 12,000 years.  Before the word hypnosis was coined Ha' upu upu was a common healing practice used by Kanaka Maoli.  

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